Last we saw of the bodyless ghirl ghosts they were hiding under towels in a women’s locker room.  This is what happened next.


Curious Angelica and Mischievous Kimber

After all the women left the locker room the bodyless ghirl ghosts played in the showers, getting wet and zooming through the locker room.  They sprayed water everywhere as they went.  This, by the way, is the reason you see big mysterious puddles in locker rooms when no one has been around.  

Angelica, the curious one, went out around the corner and found a funny looking wooden door that was slightly ajar.  She slipped through the opening and found herself inside a small room all made of wood. It had benches at different levels and had what looked like a box of rocks on the wall. It was warm inside and she dried off pretty quickly.

She flew back to the rest of the bodyless ghirl ghosts and told them they about the funny wood room and followed her back inside.  Kimber, the mischievous one, stayed outside and when all of them were in she flew up against the door really hard, pushing it closed.  Immediately the light went on in the room as all the bodyless ghirl ghosts looked out the window in the door at Kimber. They all laughed, thinking it was pretty funny.  They enjoyed the heat and dried off very quickly.

Meanwhile Kimber decided to go check out the men’s locker room, knowing the water polo team was done practicing and were changing clothes.  

The Heat

While Kimber went off to ogle the Water Polo team the bodyless ghirl ghosts were starting to get hot.  It turns out none of them had ever been in a sauna before.  When the door had closed it activated the heater and the rocks were now starting to glow red with heat.  

They were starting to shrivel.  While alive people shrivel when they are in water, bodyless ghirl ghosts plump up when they get wet and the shrivel a bit when they are dry. They can really shrivel a LOT when they get too hot. This is what was happening now.  The all pressed up against the window yelling for Kimber to come back. She couldn’t hear them.

The Water Polo Team

Kimber meanwhile was being very naughty zooming all around trying to get a good look at the boys in all their glory. She hadn’t seen many boys while she was alive, having been raised in a convent.  She was amused by the boys because some seemed to really like showing off their bodies and others were trying to hide them. She wasn’t sure why this was so. In spite of her confusion she couldn’t wait to tell the other bodyless ghirl ghosts all about the boys and what they looked like naked. They would be so jealous.

The Angry Prunes

She finally decided to go back to find the other bodyless ghirl ghosts, thinking it odd they had not already caught up to her.  When she returned she laughed at all the bodyless ghirl ghosts pressed up against the window screaming because they looked like little angry prunes.   She smashed into the red button on the outside of the wood door and it popped open.  The bodyless ghirl ghosts streamed out, gasping for air. 

The Showing Off

They all yelled at Kimber, head butting her (that’s the only type of butting they can do since they don’t have real butts) and calling her names.  She didn’t know what the big deal was, plus for once she looked better than they did and so in her mind it was worth it.  She told them about the Water Polo team and her questions about their behavior and their anatomy.  The bodyless ghirl ghosts decided they had to see for themselves and so they all flew back into the boys locker room. They ogled for quite a while, paying particular attention to the team captain who was showing off the most.

The bodyless ghirl ghosts had to go back to the hotel and take cold showers after that.

The End


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