As some of you know, I draw in church. I have oodles of sketchbooks full of drawings. Sometimes I start with real person, other times I make something up out of my head. 


The Pianist 2-12


We usually sit about 3-6 rows back on the right side of the sanctuary and I have a pretty good view of the pianist playing in the orchestra or accompanying the choir.  


The Pianist 6-23-13


She’s become my go-to model and I suppose I have drawn her at least 100 times over the years.  


The Pianist 8-12


Years ago I showed her the drawings in a prior sketchbook.  I thought she enjoyed them and was flattered. 


the pianist 9-1-13


My wife thought she was probably creeped out.  It was probably something in between.


the pianist 10-12


I just finished a sketchbook that took close to 2 years to fill. Since she is a recurring theme I thought I would show you those drawings.


the pianist 9-8-13


I drew her from the balcony a few times. Linda was in the choir so I moved around the sanctuary, sitting wherever I wanted just for fun.




People who sit still for long periods of time in the same position are good models.


the pianist 3-23-14


She is a wonderful starting point for my imagination, a muse. I thank her for that.



Drawings by Marty Coleman




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