Plain Jane and Wild Willy

Jane was eating lunch in the little bookshop bistro on Main Street.  She sat reserved and composed, her hair pulled back with a nondescript band into a well mannered ponytail. She ate her soup silently, not moving her body much and never looking up. She didn’t look sad, just self-contained. Her clothing was baggy, not revealing too much of her figure and the colors were muted.

As she finished her meal a big, loud, wildly dressed man came in the bistro. He had on leather pants, fur vest, denim shirt, silver bolo tie, gold earrings, bright orange and purple cowboy boots and a big black cowboy hat. He had a big beard, his hair, part black part purple, was in a braid and he had 3 big rings on his left hand.  He walked over to the woman eating her soup leaned over her and gave her a big kiss on the mouth.  

She smiled and said, “Are you done shopping now?”

He said, “Yep, and you’ll be proud, I only got 3 shirts, 2 pairs of pants and one hat. Oh, and I got a new pan and some dishtowels and a plant and a new trashcan for the kitchen. But that’s all I got!”

She laughed and said, “Ok, I’m done. Let’s go.”

He scowled, “what a second, I want to find that cookbook I read about online.”  He walked towards the back of the store.

She turned her head and saw me watching their interaction.  She smile, rolled her eyes and said to me, “Whatchya gonna do, right? He wants what he wants and if he’s happy then our house is happy.”

He came back quickly with two books and exclaimed, “Look, I found the recipe book but also that book, ‘How to Organize Your Life and Closet’ I’ve been wanting.”

Jane got up, went up to the register and paid for the lunch and books.  She said, “Ok, Willy, now we have to go home.  The playoffs are on in 2 hours and I need a nap before that.”  She went out the door, holding it for Willy.

She smiled and waved to me as the door closed.

The End

Drawing and story © 2015 Marty Coleman


Here’s the drawing after it was colored but before I shaded it.



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