The Flying Coffee Cup

Chapter One

Amanda had her resume laid out just right.  She had her business card just so.  She had her lucky necklace on and, embarrassing as it was, her lucky underwear too.  She had her coffee ordered and picked up.  She was ready for the interview.

He walked in with long strides, letting the door close on the woman coming in behind him.  He went straight to the counter, stopping just short of running into the back of the man waiting to order.  He took a deep breath and rolled his eyes.

When it was his turn he said to the Barista, “Well, aren’t you cute. Aren’t you going to give me a smile?”

She looked at him and said, “I am trying. This is my smile today, sorry.  What can I get for you.”

“I want a very large cup of your strongest coffee, black.” he answered.  When it was delivered by the Barista he said, “Thanks but it would have been nicer for me if you smiled.” He was not smiling as he said it.

Chapter Two

He came over the Amanda’s table and sat down. She put out her hand and said, “Hello Mr. Bendetto, I am Amanda. It’s nice to meet you.”

He didn’t take her outstretched hand.  He just nodded and said. “Let’s get started.”

He asked her a series of questions, all were short and curt and they all started with “Sweetheart,” or “Honey,”.  When he was done with the interview, which took all of 1o minutes he stood up and said, “I will let you know.”

She stood up and said, “Thank you. I will wait for your email.” She held out her hand to shake his.

He responded, “Honestly, I don’t think you should hold your breath. I expect the job is harder than you can handle.” and walked away without saying goodbye or shaking her hand.

Chapter Three

Amanda was just about to start crying when her coffee cup raised up from the table. It had grown wings and flew over to hover in front of her. The lid came off partially and the coffee talked.  It said, “You are more than he thinks you are.”

She stared as the coffee floated back down to the table as the wings disappeared, landing softly and not spilling any of itself.  She looked up to see if any other person had witnessed it. It appeared no one had seen the coffee fly. That is until she looked over at the barista who had served the man his coffee.  She was staring at Amanda with her eyes wide and her mouth open.

Amanda got up and walked over to the Barista. “Did you see that?” she asked.

“Yes, I did. And I heard what it said as well.  How did that happen and why didn’t anyone else see it?”

Amanda said, “I have no idea. It was very strange. But it said the perfect thing to me, that’s all I know.”  Then she asked, “What is your name?”

The Barista responded, “I am Amanda. What’s yours?”

Amanda laughed, “That’s my name as well!  Nice to meet you Amanda.  I am sorry he was such a jerk to you, I heard him talking to you.”

“Yes, he was. Nice to meet you too Amanda.  I overheard a bit of his conversation with you. He seemed rude to you as well.” Amanda the Barista said.

“Yep, he was a jerk to me. I was having a job interview with him but it didn’t take me long to realize, even though I am desperate for work, really desperate, I wouldn’t work for him no matter what.” Said Amanda.

The Barista responded, “I am sorry you are in that situation, but I think you are right. I can’t imagine working for him! What sort of work are you looking for?”

“I’m a bookkeeper. I was helping to run my dad’s business but he sold it and retired recently so I am looking for something else. I just got a divorce as well so the pressure is on.”

“Oh, that sounds like pressure for sure! You know, you might want to talk to Sylvia, the owner here. Her son, John, has been doing the books but he is about to go to graduate school. I think she might be looking for someone.”

Chapter Four

A week later Amanda the bookkeeper had a new job.  She had met with Sylvia the owner and they had gotten along great. The pay wasn’t quite as good as with her father’s business but it was not bad either. She knew she could make it with the salary and the hours.

On her first day she was going to meet with John, the current bookkeeper to start her training. But before he arrived for the day she had to clean out an old desk to use as hers. It had office supplies and a disheveled pile of papers cluttering the drawers.  She took them out and was figuring out what to do with them when one piece fell to the ground.  She picked it up, turning it over to see if it had anything on the other side.

There, on the other side was a drawing of a coffee cup. A coffee cup with wings.  She stared at it with her mouth open until she was interrupted by a male voice saying, “You better watch out, you might catch a fly with your mouth open that wide!”  She looked up to see a young man, maybe 30 years old, handsome and smiling with his eyes and his mouth.  He came in and reached out his hand.  “Hi Amanda, I am John. What were you looking at that so astounded you?”

She blushed slightly, smiled and said, “Oh, hello John. Nice to meet you. Sorry about that. I was looking at this.” She picked up the drawing of the flying coffee cup and showed it to him.

He said, “Oh, THAT’S where that drawing is! I have been wondering where I left it for at least a year of so. Was it in that pile of stuff?” pointing to the mess on the desk.

“Yes, it was. Did you draw it?” she asked.

“Yep, that’s by me. You can just call me Picasso, thank you very much!” he said as he laughed a big, hearty laugh.

“Ok, this is REALLY weird. I was looking at the drawing the way I was because I have seen it before.  So did Amanda the Barista actually.”

John looked puzzled.  “How can that be? Did you see it here, in this room sometime in the past or something?”

“No, that is what is so strange. I didn’t see this drawing. I saw the actual flying cup. It actually was my coffee cup when I came in last week for an interview. After the guy interviewing me left my cup grew wings and flew up to me and spoke.  I know it sounds crazy but ask Amanda, she saw it too.  Nobody else did, but she did.”

John stared. It was his turn to have his mouth drop open.  “Why is YOUR mouth catching flies now, if I may ask!” said Amanda with a laugh.

John fumbled a bit as he looked down at the drawing that was now in his hands. “You wouldn’t believe it.”

“Try me John.” she said. “After all, I just told you I believe in flying coffee cups.”

Chapter Five

“Ok, but it’s really strange.” he said. “I drew that about 7 years ago when I was 23.  I think I even have a date on it, I drew it in April, right? I was just starting to help my mom here at the coffee shop and I had just left a long term relationship. I was stuck in the back of this office and I was feeling lonely and depressed.  I drew this coffee cup that was sitting in front of me out of boredom one day. I left it on the desk and went out front to get some fresh air and something to eat. While I was out there I saw the most beautiful, sweet woman sitting at a table with a friend. I actually couldn’t see her very well, I was behind her. But I could see the side of her face and her smile and her beautiful brown hair. It was about the same length and style as yours I think only brown, not blonde.  Anyway, she was showing off this incredibly unique diamond engagement ring to her friend. I had never seen anything like it. It was shiny and bright and she was beaming with joy.”

“I came back to the office and sat there wishing I had someone like her. I wished I had her actually. I sort of zoned out and started to draw wings and a mouth on the cup in the drawing as I imagined it flying out the talk to her.  I wanted the cup to tell her she was making a mistake, that I was the right one for her. Of course I didn’t have any idea about who she was or what she was about. I didn’t really know if I was the right one for her. I was just wanting to be the right one for someone and I attached my dream to her at the moment.”  He looked at Amanda with a look that said please don’t laugh at me.

“I often wonder what happened to her. I really do hope all went really well for her. It’s probably a blessing I didn’t see her face very clearly because if I had gotten a good look I probably would still be looking for her face in everyone I see.”  He put the drawing down. “I told you it was a bizarre story.”

Amanda was crying. Big tears were rolling down her cheeks. “John? That woman was me.  I was engaged 7 years ago in April and I remember coming here with my best friend to show her the ring. I had the same style hair, but then it was brown.”

John sat down.  Amanda and John stared at each other for a long time without saying a word.


Amanda went home and got the ring that afternoon and brought it right back. It was the ring John remembered, very unique and shiny.

A year later John and Amanda were married.  Amanda the Barista was a bridesmaid in a small ceremony at a beach about 100 miles away.  John and the two Amandas opened a second coffee shop at the beach a year after that called ‘The Flying Cup’.  They now have 24 shops at beaches around the world. and are known for their story and their flying coffee cup logo.  

They eventually sold their story to Universal pictures and it was made into a movie that did pretty well.  

The End

Drawing and short story © 2015 Marty Coleman |



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