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Have you ever seen two people whose faces are so different from each other that when their photographs are shown side by side they both look really strange, maybe even ugly?  Their head shape, the placement and proportions of their facial features, their hair, their coloring, their skin are so different that it’s a jarring visual juxtaposition when it occurs.

If we happen to be one of those two people we can easily start to compare ourselves.  Her forehead is smoother and rounder than mine.  My eyes are so much closer together than hers.  Her neck is smoother. My lips are thinner. And the list goes on.

What I think is surprising is it’s usually both people that feel that, not just one. The thin blonde looks with envy at the curvy brunette while the curvy brunette wishes she was thin like the blonde. The freckled one looks wishes she had the golden tan of the other while the golden girl wishes she had the fair skin of the freckled one.

Here are two videos that show off how different we all look from one another and how, when we compare beauty to beauty we end up seeing most everyone as ugly at some point.  Why is that?
First is one with famous celebrities

The second is of non-famous women

Getting Past

So, how do you get past this dilemma? By seeing yourself clearly. Not for who you are not, but for who you are, who you are made up of and how who you are fits together so well. And if there is something you want to change, resist judging yourself negatively. Instead evaluate and make a plan. Body too big? Make a plan.  Hair too drab? Make a plan.  Character too immature? Make a plan.  

You are under your own control. You see your beauty when you see yourself clearly. And that is when you will see everyone else as more and more beautiful as well.

Drawing and commentary © 2016 Marty Coleman |

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