About Marty

Marty Coleman (me) is the creator of the Napkin Dad drawings. I am a full-time artist and photographer living in Glenpool, Oklahoma (known the world over as the town that made Tulsa famous) with my wife, Linda. Also in cohabitation are wiggle dog, stubby dog, and normal cat.

I am the owner and artist behind ‘MAKE Studio’ with a focus on Photography and Design.  I maintain an active career as an exhibiting artist with an exhibition of my photo-collage work slated for January 2012 at Living Arts Gallery in Tulsa.

I got my start as an artist when my Grandfather, Buck Powell, who was an amateur artist, began teaching me how to draw around the age of 5.  From then until now it’s what I do.  My mother and father encouraged me and I had gathered 2 degrees in art as I reached young adulthood.

After spending 9 years teaching art at the college level I went in the new direction of computer art, eventually spending 14 years in interactive and internet design before moving into my present work as an artist out on my own.

During that time I was married and the proud father of 3 daughters (for whom I drew the original napkin drawings).  After a divorce I remarried and had the good fortune of gaining a fourth daughter. My four daughters are all up and grown now, living all around the country and making me proud in every way.


  1. Bill

    Was looking for your periscope stream from noon today to show a friend at work tomorrow morning. Maybe yours don’t save? Very unique scope anyway, so thanks. What was that topless girl with binoculars and pail doing on the beach in front of the cave?

    • NapkinDad

      Hi Bill, they do save, yes. However that particular one had some information in it that I didn’t want to remain public (a phone number) so I deleted it. That is the mystery behind the drawing, what is she doing on the beach and why is she surrounded by those objects? Those are clues to a story you get to tell yourself about her, not a story I am telling.

      • Milly

        Just cause it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not super helpful.

    • NapkinDad

      Thank you Courtney, I appreciate you taking the time to notice, read and think about my drawings and writings!


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